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  • Hanoi People’s Committee organized an online handing over meeting using the Solution provided by NTC

    This morning, 14th April 2011, Hanoi People’s Committee organized an online handing over meeting using the topic of 2011 Hanoi Party Committee’s office work with the chairmanship of Mr. Dao Duc Toan - Chief of Hanoi People’s Committee and Mr. Tran Minh Tien - Deputy head of the Standing Department of IT Steering Committee of the Central Party Office.

    This is the first official online briefings of Hanoi People’s Committee, is the first stage of “Online handing over meeting system of Hanoi People’s Committee” Project with 9 connecting points: Hanoi People’s Committee connects with Districts: Ba Dinh, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Dong, Tu Liem, Phu Xuyen, Dong Anh, Dan Phuong, Son Tay.

    Hanoi People’s Committee

    By Cisco Tandberg video conference solution provided by NTC, this online handing over meeting was successful. Consecutively sharp image and clear sound line strongly impressed everyone, made all of the attendees the feeling of staying at the same place. By using this solution, Hanoi People’s Committee yearly will save time and travelling cost for meeting organization. In near future, this project will go to stage 2 with the implementation of online handing over system to 22 points in Hanoi area.

    Leading prestige and capacity of NTC in providing video conference solutions in Vietnam have been confirmed by more and more important contracts with Party and Governmental departments generally and Hanoi People’s Committee particularly.

    For further information about the meeting above, please go to these links: